Thursday, January 27, 2011



Latah?... Biasa dgr kn... According to what I read and learned about 'latah', it is all about cutural ... However it is, 'latah' is a part of psychiatric issue. Why huh?... This is because, 'latah' has been like a hysterical reaction. This is happened when people getting stress or 'kena sakat' by others. Such an example, ' Opocot!, nasik atas dapur hangit, eh hangit!'.... Kekekeke... Jgn nakal usik org..haha

So by the example that I used above, if someone with 'latah' habit which obviously a part of her/him, anything can be the triggering factors to let her/him behave like that...

However it is, from the sources that I found, 'latah' most predominantly happend in women. Why less in men huh?... Nak wat study r... WHY?????... Tak elok ber'why' lama2...tak elok..haha..

Stay tune..

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