Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hi there...
Today, I'm not going to wards... resting on bed, reading books, listening to songs, and sleeping for 2 hours..
Gahh, an extra class with Mr. Abid, gave me an enthusiasm towards the coming exam.. a bit nervous there..

Stop there.

Now, I listened to the song sang by Dadali entitled, 'Di saat aku mencintai dirimu'... How sweet and sour... Somehow, i though of my girls ( my sisters)... I cannot go home, need to focus for exam... I hope they understand.. This is juast a beginning...

I really missed all of you!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hi folks....

I'm sharing my idea with regard my enthusiasm in medical field. I'm just a medical student. My point of view being a student, reading medical books are not everything to succeed in this profession. I'm glad to be clerking patient, doing physical examination tarely. Somehow, patient knows herself/himself the best than we do. Do you know treatment of Thalassemia?... Haha, bad for me, I could not remember even though I read it. With blessed, I really understand Thallasemia after seeing patiet with Thallasemia. Don't you think it was great?... 

                                   This picture taken from

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So excited!
Excited sebab berangan nak dapatkan Olympus XZ-1.. Hahaha..
Mengapa aku sukakan kamera dslr  compact nih?.. nape tak beli EOS je kan?..

Teetttt ! Sebab dia compact mcm compact powder..Haha.. Alasan tak munasabah kan?.. 
Munasabah la bagi perempuan macam daku... Haha..

Nak tau macam mana rupa Olympus XZ-1 ? Gambar kat bawah ni..

p/s : Cuba teka brapa harga kamera nih?.. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hi everyone!!

Best tak entry kali ni?.. Entry pasal Adi Putra ni bukan sebab suka dia.. Bukan sebab aku kelab kipas dia pun.. Haha.. 
Korang tau tak Restoran Chop N Steak?... Sebab aku menetap sekejap kat Selayangku Sayang ni, so ada lah Chop N Steak kat sini... Ada lagi cawangan dia yang lain, ada kat Kg. Baru kt KL.. 

Ahha, aku bukan nak kata Adi Putra yg hensem tu owner restoran ni.. Sebab nya aku suka tgk ada sorang mamat kat situ muka ala-ala Adi Putra. Tapi mamat tu lagi hensem kot dari Adi Putra. Walaupun dia cekeding, tak bertubuh sasa macam Adi Putra, mamat restoran tu lagi ensem.. Haha..

Ada pernah satu hari tuh, feveret santapan aku, semestinya Fish N Chip, ... tak sedap plak santapan tuh... Bengang plak rasa... Aku pon ape lagi, kebetulan masa tu 'Adi Putra' ada kat situ, aku marah dia la...'Apehal fish n chips arini xsedap?..Hanyir plak tu, xcukup masak oh' (Bajet aku reti masak kan?..Whatever!)

Tapi sebab dia mcm Adi Putra, aku tak de lah garang sangat kat dia, tgk dia mcm innocent je, aku excuse la..

But then, beberapa lama selepas tu, aku pegi balik restoran tu makan Fish N Chips, 'Adi Putra' tu datang ambik order kat aku, dia kata,  'Kali ni Fish N Chips xde problem punya'.  Wah, aku terkesima plak, dia ingat aku lah..haha...Haih


Hi guys... This entry is just a superficial of my life being as a medical student . 

With the blessed from the God, I reach to the end of the final semester . This is scary though. 

This is a period when all medical students having great time eating their books! But me?... Blogging as usual to 

tell you people, 'I'm quite stress out !' . Watching the movie casted by Julia Roberts, 'Eat,Pray,Love', give me 

an idea of Eat.Pray.STUDY. All the pain I went through for these 5 years, I hope it is worth.. 

I'm trying so hard to be a good doctor, as far as I concerned, to serve to people... 

However it is, I'm still lacking. Still lacking.

I just want to prove others, to my lecturers, to my friends, that I'm competent like them. 

Nothing much I can do. Just bear to work hard on studying.. 

After all the efforts we put on, the last resort is to let Him decide... 

Thursday, January 27, 2011



Latah?... Biasa dgr kn... According to what I read and learned about 'latah', it is all about cutural ... However it is, 'latah' is a part of psychiatric issue. Why huh?... This is because, 'latah' has been like a hysterical reaction. This is happened when people getting stress or 'kena sakat' by others. Such an example, ' Opocot!, nasik atas dapur hangit, eh hangit!'.... Kekekeke... Jgn nakal usik org..haha

So by the example that I used above, if someone with 'latah' habit which obviously a part of her/him, anything can be the triggering factors to let her/him behave like that...

However it is, from the sources that I found, 'latah' most predominantly happend in women. Why less in men huh?... Nak wat study r... WHY?????... Tak elok ber'why' lama2...tak elok..haha..

Stay tune..


Ahha..... ape ni eh?...
Meh sini nak terjemah dalam kalimah bahasa melayu...
Meaning that, if korang ade tgk kawan korang, sedare, sape2 la.. yg mengadu problem kt korang, yg mana dyorang rasa pada korang lah tempat paling best nk luahkan perasaan... Somehow, ade yg nk kita tolong dyorang solve the prob kn... So, mestilah kita mesti kena jd the best listener ever.... So then, kita mestilah dgr luahan dyorang smpai abes... Jgn menyampuk, jgn potong line org yg sdg meluahkan perasaan ni... Psychology ni beb...  However it is, walaupon luahan dyorang nih sedikit sebanyak lebih kurang mcm sama je korang punye experience... Korang jgn bg suggestion yg mana korang punya own experience handle thing to others... Bahaya... Don't put suggestion as a first place... Take their history tarely, then u can give suggestion, but not due to your OWN experience... Lain org, lain cara beb... That's why we OWN our OWN genetic, not others...